Play Free Online Golf Games

You can play the best golf games online for free here at Our large collection of golf games will keep you entertaint for hours! We have divided our golf games into two groups. First there are the golf games that take place on a real golf course, the big green! Choose the right golf club and the ball has a rock-hard turn. Hit the small white ball off the tee and try to bridge the long distance between your teeing ground and the hole as accurately as possible. The aim is to play the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible. The hole-in-one is of course the ultimate score for every golfer! Especially watch out for the obstacles such as sand bunkers and the water. You definitely don't want to hit your golf ball in there! Usually there are 18 holes, but this can differ per course in these games. In our mini golf games you can also try to cover the course in as few strokes as possible. However, this is a much smaller course with funny obstacles on the different courses. Always check where the hole with the flag is and try to play through all the crazy obstacles.

On you will find a collection of online golf games, including realistic golf games but also funny mini golf games that take place on all kinds of crazy golf courses full of coins, diamonds, magical gates and crazy obstacles. Get your ball ready at the teeing ground and give it a good swing with your golf club. Shoot the ball across the golf course and try to finish all 18 holes in as few strokes as possible. Normally golf is played on a golf course and you have to be a member of a club or pay a lot of money for specialized materials or equipment rental, and to get access to the green, but here you can play golf for free from home, school or work on! Have lots of fun!

History of Golf

Games where you hit a ball over a field with a stick or bat have been around for thousands of years. In Ancient Egypt, a ball game was played with a stick, a large ball and a ring. Ancient paintings and illustrations from 14th century China depict a game with a stick, a small ball and a well. In the 15th century, a game very similar to modern golf also came to Europe. We know this because information about the existence of this game is recorded in writing in a ban on golf. This golf ban was lifted in 1502 by a later king, James IV. This James was crazy about golf, so the law had to give way. The oldest modern golf course in the world is also located in Scotland, the so-called Old Course in the coastal village of St Andrews. An 18-hole golf course was first constructed here in 1764. The actual golf course itself is still 200 years older, but before that time had 22 holes instead of 18.

How To Play Golf Games

A golf course consists of a number of fixed parts and can be arranged in different ways. You start at the tee box. This is the teeing place where you make the first stroke. The grass-covered area between the teeing area and the putting green is called the fairway. The fairway covers most of the course and is surrounded by the "rough" that is tall grass, bushes and trees where you could easily lose the ball. You will also find various obstacles on the fairway that can gobble up your golf ball such as streams, lakes and sand bunkers. The short-cut grass that lies directly around the well is called the putting green. You play the ball here so that you can make the last precise stroke to push the ball into the hole.

Mini Golf Games

Here on we also have a large collection of free mini golf games. Minigolf stands for miniature golf, or miniature golf. Even though the courses in mini golf often look a lot more imaginative and playful than the normal doglegs that you see in golf. Sometimes mini golf is also referred to as putt putt golf. Play the best mini golf games such as Minigolf 1 or the fun multiplayer golf game in which you can also play with the two of you. In this and the many other mini golf games you always have to cover an 18-hole course. Can you play the little white golf ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible?